Application and Development of Blockchain Technology

Matrix Global FinTech, Limited, a subsidiary of Matrix Global Holding Group, is devoted to developing DAPP, implementing blockchain application, developing the underlying technology of public chain sidechains, consulting and support services for blockchain projects. We also offer solutions and technical application support to the project side and customers. What is more, we strive to be the one who develops and implements blockchain technology applications.

1. Fintech and Blockchain Ecological Research and Development
The main body of the blockchain is inseparable from technology. Matrix researches and cultivates different projects in the blockchain field. At present, there are dozens of technical experts in the team to carry out in-depth research and development for blockchain and encryption technology. Apart from the exchange, we also invest in technical support and product development in other business platforms, such as funds and media, etc.


2. Technology Advancement
Matrix cooperates with Shenzhen City China-Europe fintech Research Institute to provide technical training, seminars and support. The Matrix team also absorbs the latest industry technologies from different places, including technicians participating in large-scale development conferences and carry out in-depth communication with technicians from different countries. We bring the latest news and technology from the market to the team to enhance and advance the overall technical knowledge.

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