Digital Currency, Asset & Commodity Trading

Australia National Matrix Digital Currency Exchange, a subsidiary of Matrix Global Holding Group, holds an Australian government authorized license and is the world's first currency-based digital assets and comprehensive foreign exchange. Its main business covers digital currency trading, digital currency index derivative product trading, digital currency commodity derivative trading, digital wealth management, computation power trading, etc. It is committed to becoming the value transmitter of blockchain digital assets.

Technical Advantages
Created by professional team in the industry, we provide a wide array of services including digital asset security storage, project crowdfunding, asset issuance working through foreign exchange MP5 trading. It is based on DPOS's super node decision system providing full service to our trading platform.

Product and Experience Advantages
We will launch various new functions including financial management, loan, computation power training, super nodes, one-click trading, one-click clearance and many other functions. We are not only an exchange, but also the smart wallet, which is the window of value exchange. The mining trading is also launched which engaged users and let them participate in mining. They are considered as a "miner" who enjoys dividends on the platform revenue.

Community Advantage
Our team has accumulated years of experience in community operations and is committed to building a community focusing on blockchain technology and fintech investment. At the same time, we create a more transparent, fair and open trading environment for exchange users.

1. Digital Currency Exchange

We believe that the development of the exchange is not limited to currency trading. The Matrix team has established the development plan and quantitative funds for the exchange by adding a lot of new elements under the existing framework. We obtained local compliance licenses in Australia and local bank accounts to solve the problem of buying and selling funds in the market. In addition, we have combined innovation and strong MP5 software for foreign exchange trading to launch the world's first currency-based digital assets and comprehensive foreign exchange.


2. Over-the-counter and Large-volume Trading

The Matrix team plans to solve the difficulties of large-volume investors dealing with cash investment. We are now working with different banks, law firms and large-scale trading companies to provide convenient and fast over-the-counter large-volume transaction matching and capital operation services.


In response to the demand for large-scale over-the-counter transactions, we also integrate the information and funding sources of each user to reduce the risk of information overlap and failure.


3. Digital Currency ATM

Matrix is ​​committed to promoting and populating the trading of digital currencies. In order to allow the general public to have more opportunities, channels and convenient trading environment of digital currencies, we use Hong Kong, which is a digital financial friendly place, as the pilot. Setting up digital currency ATMs in numerous shopping malls, merchants and bars in Hong Kong makes it easy for the general public to buy and sell digital currencies. We also plan to expand our business to other Southeast Asian cities and countries to form the greatest synergy with Matrix's over-the-counter transactions and exchanges.

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