Funds and Investments

Matrix Global Investment Limited, a subsidiary of Matrix Global Holding Group, focuses on:

•  Primary blockchain market investment

•  FA docking investment financing service

•  Secondary quantitative investment

•  Currency management

1. Matrix Incubation Fund

Matrix provides blockchain innovators with an opportunity to leverage their ideas and provide them with funding and support. We also work with different venture capital funds to provide different options such as providing training and talent incubation programs with the Youth Association providing support to potential teams and providing different quality projects for matching different investment funds.


2. Matrix Project Fund

The Matrix project investment team combines industry experience and expertise in both technical and financial aspects. We strive to identify and introduce high-quality projects from all over the world and build a reliable contact channel and cooperation platform for project partners and investors by making the full use of our China, Hong Kong and overseas resources. This allows good projects to meet the right investors while good investors can find the right investment opportunities.


3. Matrix Quantitative Fund

Matrix devises cooperation agreements with different funds and quantitative trading teams. We provide stable solutions with community and fund-oriented targets to investors, offering them a lower risk, higher returns and relatively stable investment options.

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