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Matrix Global Media Limited, a subsidiary of Matrix Global Holding Group, is the pioneer in the industry to combine blockchain project incubation, community marketing and business school training.

Matrix's media section is dedicated to drive the creation of media and communities in the blockchain industry. On one hand, we combine resources of overseas social media and communities of China and Hong Kong in a bid to create a highly interactive, cohesive and dynamic Matrix community from the ecosystem. On the other hand, we team up with industry professionals in different fields of expertise and establish the Matrix Blockchain and Digital Finance Industry Alliance to integrate resources and to promote healthy and orderly development of the industry.


To better connect with China, Hong Kong and overseas project parties, investors and industry professionals, Matrix also hold blockchain project roadshows and sharing sessions on a regular basis.

1. Business School Training
Matrix's business schools offer different types of courses and teaching including the promotion of blockchain applications to the public.  It also works with organizations such as the Youth Association to nurture the next generation of new forces and improve the provision of supporting programs such as programming hackathons, startup competitions, industry events and sharing sessions, etc.

2. Hong Kong Incubation Centre
Matrix CoWork and Incubation Center is the first blockchain-focused co-working space in Hong Kong, providing incubation programs, consultancy services and free resources to incubate blockchain start-up companies (startup or ICO teams). Incubation includes business model, operational strategy, financing, negotiation with partners and investors.

3. Establish Strategic Relationships with Stakeholders
Politics and policies in different regions have a certain impact on the promotion of blockchain. We will communicate with different regions, by joining different associations, establishing business and strategic relationships with stakeholders such as working with the official Xinhua News Agency of China and becoming the Economic and Trade Office of the Republic of Bolivia in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We also will strive to promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry and the new finance technology model under the premise of legal compliance through in-depth communication and contact with local governments and corresponding departments.

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